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Mamba: New Web Monitor

by Peter C

In this article, it was about a powerful web base monitor for Oracle Company.  It is a software that can provide better performance for the database administrator of Oracle.  It performs in real-time and can also save time for those that uses this program. It will look for the problems and will quickly fix it as well.  This will help free up spaces by getting rid of all unnecessary programs that are on that device. This mamba program is free of charge and it doesn’t need any hardware installation for it to work. It can be downloaded from the internet at  It is very crustal for Oracle database because it free up spaces, blocks SID, and provides better performance for the database. Mamba was created by Luminate which is the leading provider for real-time systems performance for internet infrastructure. read more...

Oracle’s Next Step

by George A
The CEO of Oracle, Larry Ellison, has unveiled the Exalytics Intelligence Machine at the Open World conference. This technology is competing with SAP’s HANA in-memory platform. The data is read off of RAM and not typical hard discs resulting in a higher speed. The machine has 40 processor cores and 1TB of DRAM. The system remembers queries from users so that they don’t have to be processed each time they are called. Exalytics also incorporates using the concept of paralleling the hardware in the system in order to deal with any failure that may occur in the system. Ellison stresses that database performance is about moving data. Data compression is also another key component in Exalytics as compressing the data allows quicker movement of the same data.  Proctor & Gamble and other companies are already using some of Oracles machines using similar technology. read more...

Bridging the Gap: Oracle Database Systems and Canon Copiers

by Daniel L
Printed documents are prevalent in practically all businesses and organizations, and Canon plays a key role in facilitating the production of printed material through their line of business grade copiers and printers.  These same businesses and organizations have servers running database management systems, usually developed by Oracle.  Using these same databases, documents are being processed and digitally stored.  It will take a while before we completely ditch the use of printed material; however, through the partnership of Canon and Oracle, document processing technologies will be in for a ride.  Canon is known for its advanced hardware, but somewhat lacking in the software side of things.  That is where Oracle will step in to help advance the software behind Canon’s copiers and to develop a new platform which will help bridge the gap between the copiers and database software.  Canon and Oracle’s jointly developed copier will go on sale in the United States in the first half of 2012. read more...

MySQL Website Compromised to Inject Malware

by Daniel L
Database management systems are an integral part of many products and services that are offered over the World Wide Web.  MySQL, one of the most common open source database management systems and key component of the LAMP software  stack, caught the attention of hackers on Monday, September 26, 2011.  According to security vendor, Armorize, the  hacker used JavaScript code to inject malicious software onto Windows PC users who visited the MySQL website between the hours of 5 a.m. to 11 a.m. Pacific Time Monday.  Armorize also stated that the particular method that was used to attack website visitors is known as the Black Hole exploit kit; however, there is no indication of what the malware was designed to do.  This is not the first time that the MySQL website has been hacked, they were hit earlier in the year, as well as other open source websites such as and  A hacker on a Russian forum using the alias, sourcec0de, claims to have full permissions and administrative rights to the MySQL servers, and he is even willing to sell root access for $3,000.  Although, it is unclear if the hacker had root access, he posted screenshots which showed that the MySQL web servers were indeed compromised. read more...

Open Source Database for Small Company

by Tuyen H


While Eclipse is very successful for Java Development, MySQL and PostgreSQL are very populating open source Databases.We cannot compare with brand name like Oracle, Microsoft, or IBM, but MySQL and PostgreSQL are very reasonable for small business.  If your data is less than a terabyte, both MySQL and PostgreSQL definitely can handle it. However, if your data is really big, you better think of Oracle, DB2, and Microsoft enterprise RDBMSes. Open source database is less secure than brand name database, so you have to keep in mind that “how safe is my data”  (Gravelle, 2011). read more...