Click Like You Mean It

by Omar N.

The article I read was about a research conducted using the University of Colorado Library’s website to compare 3 different click analytic tools: Google Analytics’ In-Page Analytics, ClickHeat, and Crazy Egg. Over a span of 6 months, they used the tools to monitor how the visitors were interacting with the website through clicks. What they found was each tool shared some common features, but there were also some benefits and drawbacks to each one. In-Page Analytics made it possible to track mobile users, but it lacked the ability to distinguish between the same links throughout a page, so it made it difficult to track which links on a page were more useful. ClickHeat uses color intensity to show user activity and did not have a problem with tracking the redundant links, but it required access to a web server to run the software. Crazy Egg was a hosted solution, so no web server access was needed, however it was quite expensive due to its pay-per-click subscription terms. read more...

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Facebook’s Push for New Kind of Ad

by ChihWei H

In addition to “like” button and fan “page”, Facebook is pushing out a new service called “People talking about this” for advertiser to measure how fan interact with a brand’s fan page.This metric gather everything from people’s “like”, comments, to photo tags and so on. This is Facebook’s latest effort to attract advertisers to pay for their premium service other than banner ad and clicks. According to recent estimates, the chance of people click on ad on social networking sites are extremely low, which explain why Facebook is pushing this new “engagement” kind of ad rather than traditional pay per click. However, many advertisers ain’t convinced engagement  is worth more than clicks because it is harder to measure its effectiveness. read more...

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