PostgreSQL is a way!

by Yukit C
What is PostgreSQL?

Companies are always looking for database system to take care of complex data infrastructure in order to solve specific business needs, lower the cost of operations, and reduce the deployment time. Some case studies show PostgreQL is one of useful tools. PosgresQL is an open source object-relational database system (DBMS). In term of source relational database system, it is a relation database with an object-oriented database model which supports objects, classes and inheritance. PostgresQL runs major operating systems such as Linux, UNIX(Mac OSX, Solaris as well as Windows. It also supports for foreign keys, joins, triggers and stored procedures with multiple languages. read more...

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Joomla + SQL = Fun to say, fun to use

by Brian T
Upon surfing the articles of PC World (mainly in an effort to feel intelligent and savvy), I happened across an article regarding a product known as Joomla. For those of you inquiring as to what Joomla is, it is an open-source style content management system.  Apparently, in their latest release Joomla has added a search engine as well as support for PostGreSQL and Microsoft SQL Server – an expansion from their prior reliance on MySQL. A spokesman for Open Source Matters (Joomla’s supporting organization) explains that valuable time and financial resources may now be retained by expanding Joomla’s capabilities beyond that of a single server. Additionally, it was stated that the Joomla update will allow the execution of multiple common  SQL commands across different types of databases without having to specify or worry about syntax. read more...

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Open Source Database for Small Company

by Tuyen H


While Eclipse is very successful for Java Development, MySQL and PostgreSQL are very populating open source Databases.We cannot compare with brand name like Oracle, Microsoft, or IBM, but MySQL and PostgreSQL are very reasonable for small business.  If your data is less than a terabyte, both MySQL and PostgreSQL definitely can handle it. However, if your data is really big, you better think of Oracle, DB2, and Microsoft enterprise RDBMSes. Open source database is less secure than brand name database, so you have to keep in mind that “how safe is my data”  (Gravelle, 2011). read more...

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