Project Management in Virtual Teams {10}

by Kevin F

In the scope of most corporate IT departments, one will find a plethora of projects that are being proposed, currently in progress, and being monitored for their ROI.  This is due to the fact that IT system design and implementation is unique to the needs and priorities of each situation.  As a result, PM, or project management, is an essential skill for anyone who is considering a career in IT.  The emergence of an increasing number of virtual team environments challenges the traditional PM approach, which has initiated an array of new research projects aimed at addressing this issue. read more...

Potential Foreshadowing?: An Analytical Perspective on Student Database Projects in the Name of Academia {3}

by Brian T
Here’s something I’m sure we can all relate to – upcoming database projects! Even when it comes to our own majors, a school project rarely feels like a useful exercise benefiting us as students. If you have yet to outgrow this notion, look no further than this article. Sharon M. Tuttle has been conducting an ongoing experiment with the database classes been teacher for the past few years. She proceeds to breakdown the components of her project (none of which should come as a shocking surprise to anyone with a tech related major. In addition to explaining everything thoroughly (including an extensive covering of physical deliverables) she supports her decisions and also uses them to reach conclusions which have formulated her teaching style for this particular course. read more...