The logic of DBMS And RDMS {1}

by Garcello D
This week’s article I have decided to blog about is called “What Makes a Database Management System Relational”. This is an old article written in winter of 1995 by Steven Bare as an Info tech update. This week in class we have learned about Logical Database design and the Relational Model, but we didn’t exactly go over what database management and relational database management systems are, therefore I will enlighten you. A database management system is a system which helps users organize and extract information by providing a structure for the data and the tools which help the user use that data. A Relationship Database management system is a database management system but it follows a set of non-arbitrary rules which were created by its founder E. F. Codd. Relational theory is the core of this system as it allows flexibility, usefulness and power to the user. read more...

Integrating Information of facility management system {Comments Off on Integrating Information of facility management system}

by Robert Q
This article title ” Information Integration for Facility Management”, is an interesting peer review article because this article talks about the basic integration of a facility management system to better support the operation of a hotel business. The information system built involves two different type of data which are graphical and alphanumerical. By combining these two data into a single system the developer was able to create a better Computer-Aided Facility Management system. The article continues on describing the system requirement and architecture of the CAFM. The developer apply a two model system to the CAFM which includes a traditional client server model and a web-based model. The developer also integrate different departments into this system. read more...