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Improving SEO Using Accessibility Techniques {3}

by Jason J

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There are several ways to improve upon your Search Engine Optimization, using link building, usability techniques, and analyzing your site in order to see where you are in comparison with competitors, there is one technique however that can not only make your site easier to find, but is an important part of making sure that a broader range of the population is able to view and interact with your site. According to the 2010 census, 19% of people within the US have some type of physical, mental, or communicative disability ( Making sure a website is accessible for those with disabilities isn’t only important for making sure those 19% can use your website, it’s also a legal issue. In section 508, an amendment to the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, guidelines are laid out that require websites operated by the federal government, or receiving funds or payment from a federal agency to make their technology, including websites, available to those with disabilities ( read more...

The Importance of Web Accessibility {2}

by Carlos R
The article I chose to discuss about this week regards web accessibility. It provides information and gives six reasons why it is important to take people with disabilities into consideration when building a website of your own. It starts off with the fact that it’s called the world wide web, and it’s purpose is to provide the world with information. This means that every single person should be able to find a way to have access. After all, it is your audience and the more accessible your website is, the more possible traffic you can get. Along with accessibility is usability. This means that although it’s accessible, having an easier to use website that provides everything with simplicity is key in getting a larger audience. Another reason they say why you should have an accessible website is for your own knowledge and ability. It builds skills and gives you more practice on how to build a website. Taking accessibility into consideration also improves web conversion. This means that people will be happier browsing through your site and are more likely to end up purchasing something. The last reason is probably the most important one, and that is that it’s the law. Under the jurisdiction of the ADA, you must provide equality in the public services provided. Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act also states that any website contracting with the Federal Government must be accessible. read more...