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Improving SEO using Link Building {8}

by David F

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Have you ever wondered why  websites are displayed in the order that they are after going through a search? It’s simply due to popularity! The more links a site has the more people are referring to it. This is the process of Link building. As more and more information is being poured into the internet, users need a way to organize it all. The best solution for search engines is to organize it by the amount of links a website gets. In other words,  search results are based on how popular a link is. Which makes sense, a user wouldn’t want to go to a site that wasn’t relevant to what they were searching for. In this paper, I will explain what SEO is, what Link building is, and how the two work together. I will also talk about some potential problems with Link building. read more...

Google Now Indexes Facebook Comments: Paranoid Can Relax {4}

by Bach B
Do you ever want to search for some specific comments of some Facebook users? If yes, Google makes your dream come true. How? Google is now indexing AJAX and JavaScript content, which means pages that use this programming, for example, Facebook comments, are now open to being searched. Then, some strangers can search your comments on facebooks anytime they wants, do not they? It is not entirely true. Google’s bots are still unable to see comments left on private pages, such as your Facebook wall (lets assume you have your privacy settings in place) and your friends’ Facebook walls (again, lets assume they have their privacy settings in place). On the other hand,  Google’s bots can now see comments you’ve posted in public forums, which include websites that use the Facebook commenting system, as well as public pages on Facebook itself. For example, if you posted something like “that chick is hot” on your friend’s wall, and his/her page appears to public. Then your comment will now be searchable. You might think that breaches your privacy, but  that comment would have technically been public all along, but now it’s just a little easier to find. read more...

Anyone Can Make Mistakes {Comments Off on Anyone Can Make Mistakes}

by Monica G
It can be a real shame when companies try dirty, little tricks only to benefit their pockets. Well tricks like that can be seen every day, but we cannot simply dump every trick in one bucket, some can be labeled the SEO tricks. The author focuses on six activities that companies have tried to use to increase their SEO, from BMW to JCPenney. The first one being, cloaking, which is when a website is text loaded with key words that will be read by the Google Index system, therefore causing the company to be a top candidate for search engines, however when the page was clicked by the user, is would be redirected to another site. The next trick would be link exchanges, which would be the company agreeing to place someone’s links in their pages while the other party does the same. The problem with this type of interactions would be that it completely violates the Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. The third offense would be content duplicating, which would increase traffic and offer higher rankings but would really be no use to humans. The fourth was keyword stuffing, meaning pages being bombarded with keywords to help ranking but really creating confusion to the human eye. The fifth trick was taking advantage of bad reviews, because people refer to the company when they write a bad review, the links would add up and create more links for the company. And finally, the last one being automatic queries which apparently violate the terms and agreement with Google, because you can find out a company’s ranking outside of Google. read more...

Help! My site is invisible {Comments Off on Help! My site is invisible}

by Penny C

Assume that I finish my class project which is a web site that sells workout DVDs and I eventually got to buying a domain name and putting the site on the web.  Now I have an e-commerce site, but hm… no customers!!  As Dr. Zhang had said at the beginning of the quarter that just having a site out there is not enough.  In the sea of bizillion of web sites, who is going to know my little site even exists?  Everyone uses search engine to search for stuff online, be it make up, clothes, a new laptop, a car, a place to rent… list goes on. read more...