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2012: The Rise of Microsoft SQL Server 2012

by Ermie C
This article is about how Microsoft is now creating a new version of Microsoft SQL Server.  This version has to deal with a lot of the same features, but with some new features attached to it.  The new product is set to be presented to the public on March 7th and there will be will two different versions of the product given.  First there is the Business Intelligence version and then there is also, the standard version.  However, this March 7th release would be kind of criticized as a publicity stunt to present an incomplete product.  There are some critics that say that Microsoft is only doing this because they want to get something out there.  To me, it feels like it’s going to be the Vista of SQL Servers.  We all know how that turned out.  Also, they said that with the new features it would be very hard to implement.  So the best way to implement the new features would be already incorporating it with the already used database in a person’s business.  To sum it up, critics say to use it with other database tools and pic and choose the features they would like to use. read more...

Data Types

by Jamal A
The article I read talks about the most important contemplations of selecting correct data types when designing a SQL Server database. It talks about how choosing a correct data type in the database design phase can have a significant impact on the efficiency and performance. According to the article, the SQL Server offers six sets of data types. First and formost commonly used data types that stores numeric information are called “The Exact Numeric Data Types” that includes: int, decimal, and money.  The next data type is called “The Approximate Numeric Data Types”, this data type are not as commonly used as the exact numeric data types. The approximate numeric data type includes: float, and real. Moving on, the next data type that is mentioned in this article is called “Date and Time Data Types”, this data types allow designers to easily work with time zones. After that, the next data type in the category is called “Character String Data Types”, it is used to store text values in Microsoft SQL Server databases, and this includes: char, nchar, varchar, nvachar, and text.  The next data type that is mentioned in this article is called “Binary Data Types”, it allows DBAs to store any type of binary data, this includes: bit, binary, varbinary, varbinary(max), and image. Finally, the last data type that is mentioned in this article is called “The Other Data Types”, it includes: cursor, sql_variant, table xml, and uniqueidentifier. read more...

Joomla incorporates MySQL

by Ermie C
This article is about how the new edition of Joomla has now made it possible to use Microsoft SQL Server, PostGreSQL, and MySQL.  This multi-database support has become a great plus for business owners that use Joomla for their websites.  There won’t be as much hassle by being limited to just one database structure.  This is because the creators have only made previous Joomla versions to only incorporate MySQL.  However, with the new integration of multi-database functions, the use of PHP could allow Joomla to connect with the new database tools.  There’s a couple of new things they added also; the ability to incorporate a search engine function and something called stemming where it assumes the word that is being searched.   Then there is also auto completion.  In a nutshell, they have made the interface for Joomla, a lot more user friendly and this is what will attract new customers and keep the long lasting consumers of 1.6 million websites. read more...

Patches: >.<

by Caezar M


In the classic story that we CANNOT do anything right the first time it was announced that a patch for ASP.NET actually doesn’t help security that much at all. Microsoft released a patch that was supposed to resolve security issues for  ASP.NET and right after a hacker published a vulnerability on how to create havoc within those servers causing massive Denial of Service (DoS). now when we normally think of DoS we think that someone using massive ammounts of infected computers to simultaniously request information from one source causing the server to crash. well….this is not as cool but infinitely more effective. so basically this patch allows for a HTTP request of ~100kb to consume 100% ….wait can i modify text in here?….. read more...

SQL Poison

by Jasmine C
This article was about how a Microsoft web-based site was attacked with an SQL injection.  An advertising site in the U.K., by the name of Autoweb, was attacked with a SQL injection that left the site extremely vulnerable.  With a single line of code,  about half a million pages were affected, the sites content was overwritten and it was knocked offline. IT staff were able to originate the IP address to China and block them. The good thing for Autoweb was that they did a daily backup, so after they were able to block the IP address, they returned to their clean data.  Autoweb contained both, their web application and their database on the same server and this was a problem because to be able to protect the database, the web application also had to be protected and vice versa.  As a result of this attack, traffic and ranking has decreased but hopefully after some changes Autoweb can regain their status. read more...

Green Servers

by Mike Y

The software development life cycle (SDLC) that is known focuses on the software and the system itsself and does not take into account of environmental factors normally associated with SDLC. Huang states that recycling at the end of the SDLC is not enough to negate the environmental impact. He include how IT has helped the environment by making it easier for the public to find out about conservation, reduced usage of traditional media (paper, CDs, etc), and fuel savings from teleconferencing. Huang states one of the reasons systems are not efficient is because of the speed of the technological progress and is more concerned with success than efficiency. An environmentally friendly SDLC should minized the use of energy, consumables (ink, paper), transportation of people and goods, maximize recyclables and renewables, durable and flexible, and transferable to be used by others. read more...

Database Support

by Peter C

Database support cost a lot for that service. It is about $36,000 per year. The service has a 24/7 service that is there if needed. It includes monitoring – tools, add-ons, proactive supports and backups. You can purchase this database support by a yearly contract.  This support will take care of the server that you are using instead of having to manage it yourself. read more...

Amazon Web Services

by Asbed P
Amazon Web Services, which is the part of that does the hosting and the cloud services, has announced the launch of a new server in the US West Region, in Oregon, with a new low price.  Starting Wednesday November 23, 2011, people can choose to locate their Amazon Web Services resources in the Oregon Region, which contains “multiple redundant Availability Zones for architecturing highly available applications” much like all their other AWS Regions.  Oregon will be the second US West location, the first being the Northern California servers, that will provide businesses a low cost, low latency option for everyone.  Amazon’s plan is to continuously lower its own costs so that they can end up passing those savings onto their customers in the form of these lower priced US West Region servers.  “Since the launch of AWS over five years ago, we’ve lowered our prices over a dozen times,” is a quote from Senior Vice President Andy Jassy showing the type of attitude they have about lowering prices for everyone.  US West Oregon is the fourth Region in the US and the seventh total AWS infrastructure Region in world.  It is also priced at about 10 percent lower than the US West N California Region and has the same price as the US East N Virginia Region. read more...

Call in the Apache’s!

by Andrew N

Call in the Apache’s!

Covalent Technologies, which is the seller of the open source Apache 2.0 server has finally become compatible with Microsoft’s popular .Net applications. Before Apache decided to collaborate with Microsoft, Microsoft only had IIS which is the built in web server for Microsoft applications. Since Apache will now work with Microsoft, developers will a wider range of technologies supported by Apache such as Java, Perl, or PHP. The new Apache will come with an Apache Portable Runtime which optimizes its performance for Windows technology. Although Microsoft has rejected the concept of open-source programs in the past they are learning to open up and work with it now. read more...

OnLive is almost where it needs to be.

by George A

OnLive is a cloud based gaming service. The company uses emulation on their hardware to provide games that are streamed to your computer’s web browser. This allows people who normally don’t own computers with good enough hardware to run games that have very high graphics. This is also an option for someone running Mac OS X. The user accesses the OnLive website and then downloads a small file which opens a web browser on execution. The catalog of games is shown to them. Users can rent specific games, pay monthly, play a demo for free or purchase a game for close to the original price. The save data for their games is saved on the server so that they can pick up where they left off.  The tablet application is in development. OnLive also offers the micro console which allows users to play games via their home TV and without a need for their own computer. This is priced at £69.99 and offers an HDMI output. According to the article the service run perfectly on a 10mpbs internet speed. read more...