Amazon Web Services Aides Developers {2}

by Alexander H
Amazon Web Services (AWS) has recently released Elastic Beanstalk, which has been developed to assist ASP.NET developers in implementing cloud-based applications. Developers can upload their ASP.NET applications to AWS’s cloud using the AWS toolkit for Visual Studio, and Elastic Beanstalk will then automatically deploy details such as capacity provisioning, load balancing, auto-scaling and application health monitoring. In order to enable these features, developers must first install the Visual Studio toolkit, as well as sign up for an AWS account. Although there are no additional charges for using Elastic Beanstalk, enterprises still have to pay for the AWS resources needed to store data and run their applications. There are even trial versions of the toolkit available for users who are interested in acquiring the tool for development purposes. read more...

Street View Sees More Than Just Your House {Comments Off on Street View Sees More Than Just Your House}

by Caezar M

We all remember street view, its that one thing that happened that one time when google decided that it wanted to not only digitize the earth from space but digitize it from the ground level by driving cars arround with cameras attached to them that took a picture every few feet and tied it in with a GPS location. prettty cool stuff right? well in case you didn’t know google also managed to collect information about where you are geographically. location based services are based on where your wireless connection comes from. if it is a known location the application bases its operations about where your router is located. but how did they know? well as apple says “there is a ‘database’ for that” thats right google not only collected upwards 3.5Million SSIDs, marked and stored them they also got some web browsing and communication data from those unprotected networks. However in Google fashion they have a solution that they hope like the national no call list will help keep everyones wifi from being marked in the Google database. read more...