IBM takes action to secure its data {2}

by Ricardo C
New technologies such as cloud services and Apple’s dictator software Siri might help employees to be more productive but IBM is concern about the company’s security. According to the article, employees are not aware of the risk that these services constitute to the company’s data. Many voice-recognition services like Siri actually transmit the words spoken to them to a database so developers can improve the service, however, this seems to be benign to businesses. Before, companies would manage mobile communications within the company deciding what to get in and out of the company, however, nowadays employees use their own devices to work with company’s data. Because companies do not have access to a person’s individual devices, IBM requires to set up personal devices before accessing IBM’s network to be able to remotely erase its memory if it is lost or stolen. As far as cloud computing services, IBM is aware that employees depend on this services to be productive that is why IBM created their own cloud service called MyMobileHub. IBM also established some guidelines with banned services. read more...

Ask Siri for the Answer {Comments Off on Ask Siri for the Answer}

by Joey L
Siri, Apple’s virtual personal assistant on the iPhone 4S, applies voice recogition to the next level.   With a strong emphasis of artificial intelligence driven into the system, Siri is able to analyze and decipher the meaning behind what questioners are asking.   Siri is such remarkable software because it makes some of the complex technologies seen in sci-fi movies into a reality for consumers to use.  When you ask Siri a question, it will send your question to the cloud where a powerful AI algorithm can analyze and interpret your request.  Once it figures what you want, it will send the answer back to your phone.  Although Siri has been shown to be able to run on older i-devices by industrious hackers, Apple has only packaged this software in the 4S.  This may be to cut down the load on their servers. read more...