Data Mining and its Use in Everyday Life

by Erin S
Every day 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created and 90 percent of the data in the world today were produced within the past two years. Because the amount of data is growing and at such a large rate, the challenges of handling this data with the intention to use and to apply it using tools such as data mining has become more and more complex, and has caused a constant need to scale up to the large volume of data that must be interpreted. With this large influx of new data and information comes many new opportunities to use and to apply data mining. This most often seems to apply in a business sense, used in order to “improve customer service, better target marketing campaigns, identify high-risk clients, and improve production processes” or in other words to make money, such as when Walmart learned that people have a tendency to buy more Pop Tarts when there was a hurricane warning in the affected area and instructed store managers to place Pop Tarts near the entrance during hurricane season in order to boost sales. Other companies such as Facebook and Twitter make use of this data by selling it to other companies who then apply data mining better market their products by finding new customers  or by  better targeting their products to existing ones. However, data mining isn’t only useful to businesses. It can also affect different aspects of a person’s everyday life. read more...

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Facebook’s Push for New Kind of Ad

by ChihWei H

In addition to “like” button and fan “page”, Facebook is pushing out a new service called “People talking about this” for advertiser to measure how fan interact with a brand’s fan page.This metric gather everything from people’s “like”, comments, to photo tags and so on. This is Facebook’s latest effort to attract advertisers to pay for their premium service other than banner ad and clicks. According to recent estimates, the chance of people click on ad on social networking sites are extremely low, which explain why Facebook is pushing this new “engagement” kind of ad rather than traditional pay per click. However, many advertisers ain’t convinced engagement  is worth more than clicks because it is harder to measure its effectiveness. read more...

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iPhone will find your friends for you

by Penny C

I read on that new iPhone comes with an app called “Find my friends” which will locate connected friends’ location.  This is not giving proximity, but will be giving exact location of your friend.  The article says that since people are never without their phones now a day, it’s easier to locate people through the phones now.  All you have to do is find the location of the phone.  The friend has to give permission for you to be able to track that friend.  Phones always have had the capability to announce the owners’ location, without owners’ expressed knowledge, but this new iPhone app makes it seamlessly to locate and chat with the friend so easy.  And for parents or Ahem! worried spouses, it’s a great way to keep track of the loved ones.  Parents can see anytime where their children are or where the spouse is.  So the new iPhone comes built in with a homing device.  You don’t even have to bother to ‘check in’ to places.  Now everyone in your contact list knows exactly where to find you.  YAY!  NOT! read more...

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