Social Media: The Government’s Tool {4}

by Anthony T
Due to the astounding rise in the use of social media, the U.S. Government is seeking software that “can mine social media to predict everything from future terrorist attacks to foreign uprisings”. This is actually already being done by analysts, however with a software the amount of data that can be obtained would increase exponentially. THe FBI hopes to have the capability to scan through social media over the entire internet. Not only this, but social media has also become the quickest and foremost medium for communications about disasters. This has brought about privacy concerns, but the FBI has stated that it would only monitor public information and focus on words related to criminal activity. One large obstacle is the nuances of human language, whether something is a joke or is serious. Another is authenticity of the actual message. With the rise of social media there has also been a rise in bots that spam. Researchers are expecting these bots to become better in the near future. read more...

A Quick Look At MySQL 5.6 {1}

by Chris S
This article is a preview about the new upcoming MySQL from Oracle. Of course it will have various new features with it as well as experimental or test features that may or may not be included in the final version depending on the feedback from testers and database administrators. It was mentioned that two of the improvements are data replication and the ability to bypass the framework in SQL for faster access to data. The most notable feature will be an application programming interface (API) that will allow applications to access data directly from the InnoDB database engine. This basically skips the process of having to go through the SQL-based interface. This API is believed to improve MySQL such that it will be on par as far as accessibility with NoSQL databases which are quickly gaining favor with web applications. A new set of ADD operations is said to be an additional experiment with the software. It will allow applications to input data to the database without blocking other operations while they try to write their own information to the index of the database. read more...

Yahoo Grabs A Drink {1}

by Ermie C
This article is about how Yahoo is creating an easier way to create applications for the mobile framework and the great thing about it is that it’s open source. It’s purpose is to make it a lot easier to create applications for multiple platforms like iOS, Android, and personal computers. Yahoo is saying that it’s better because it solves the problem of sending and receiving data to and from devices. The name of this framework is called Mojito. This was created in November and is recently under the BSD license to become open source. Also, from recent applications, Mojito has been used mainly for creating apps for newspapers and magazines on the iPad and the app is called “Livestand”. This is actually part of the bigger project of Yahoo called “Cocktail”. This is because of the struggle that Yahoo has been having with the competition of Google. They want to create something that will maybe help boosts their “ratings” because they are rumored to be in a takeover. read more...


by Ermie C
There are many things that people have to consider when we deal with the process of SDLC. We understand what it’s like to create a true program, process, etc. We need to know the business rules and find a way to create the best product for our customers. When we talk about SDLC, we need to consider what needs to happen in order to make things go to according to plan. There’s a lot of problems that need to happen in order for us to understand what we need to do to make our client a loyal client. If we have a loyal client then we have a stable basis of what we need to do. SDLC is the most important thing we need to do because it’s what shows us what we truly want. If the way we as developers handle the situations, then we will never understand what we need to do. If we love what we do, then we can do what we do the best. If we don’t have a process of what we need to do, then we are lost in the point of finding ways to do things right. In this article, they mention the architecture and they are risk based cost efficiency, business enabling, adding value, empowering customers, assurance, governance, and compliance. I don’t need to explain any of these, but as developers we know what we need to do. This article explains what we need to do to make things happen for a any customer and we need to follow that process. We are a growing developers and we will never understand the true way to develop things if we forget the steps to crate it.. read more...

SQL Incorporation into Blackberry {2}

by Ermie C
Mobile devices have been part of our lives ever since the smart phones were created.  It’s found a way to help us organize our lives, find information, and keep people from forgetting people’s phones numbers.  Idera, who spoke to blackberry systems, has created something called, “SQL Mobile Manager 3.0” that can create and manage SQL servers and administration.  This a great way for business people to be able to manage their accounts on the go.    To be able to access Microsoft SQL Server it has opened up the limitless abilities of a business owner. read more...

SQL Programmer {Comments Off on SQL Programmer}

by Joe C
Sylvain Faust International’s SQL-Programmer is a software they created for programmers to be more productive. It features many easily accessible debugger tools as well as the capability to manage object permissions so that they will have the power to control every aspect of each given object. There are four primary components to the SQL-Programmer: The Access Manager, the Script Interface, the SQL-Explorer, and the Report Interface. They focused on making the product to be intuitive so that the functions may be easily learned or “caught on,” but some users have actually found this counterintuitive. Sometimes there are too many ways to accomplish one task that the user doesn’t know which way would be the best, most effecient way. Some enterprise features include built-in support for some other source-code softwares. Another optional add-on is the PL/SQL Debugger, an essential tool for serious programmers. read more...

New Virus in Town {Comments Off on New Virus in Town}

by Peter C

According to the article from LA Times, the researchers have discovered a malware virus that has invaded 61 countries (Bowden). Viruses have always been a problem for the world because our technology is always getting more hi-tech. The virus that we speak of is a computer virus that can steal data from any computer in the internet world. It has already stolen some data from different countries but mainly from those that were once part of the Soviet Union. The name for this virus is called the Lurid Downloader because it jumps from domain to domain in order to avoid detection. Although we would like our computer to be free of viruses; however, viruses in the technology world cannot be avoid. read more...

SQL Anywhere used by The Open University {Comments Off on SQL Anywhere used by The Open University}

by Alexander V

The article was about how The Open University, “the world’s largest university dedicated to supported distance learning,” purchased 6,500 licenses of SQL Anywhere from iAnywhere for one of its courses on Relational Databases. Their reason for choosing SQL Anywhere is that it offers high performance with low maintainance. The software “provides enterprise database features” such as “high performance and referntial integrity” in a small install. In addition to that, the software works straight out of the box, allowing users to easily start on projects. SQL is able to run on multiple platforms such as Windows, Linux, and Unix. It also synchronizes easily with enterprise databases from Oracle, Microsoft, and IBM, providing students with knowledge of the intricacies of databases and how they operate. Some organizations that use SQL Anywhere database include Thomson Fly, Reed Elsevier and Wyeth Pharmaceuticals. read more...