SQL 2012

Implementing SQL 2012 for Big Data {4}

by Sam T
In this article, the author discusses about how Microsoft released a new version of SQL Server 2012. With this update, SQL Server 2012 can help organizations analyze large amounts of data otherwise known as big data. Microsoft is promoting SQL 2012 as a very useful tool to observe big data and act as a link between unstructured data platforms and data warehouse based tools. An early user of SQL 2012 has to process about 350 GB of social networking data a day, by using SQL, SQL queries billions of rows of data in seconds and allows the user to iterate and test a large number of scenarios in a short amount of time. read more...

Microsoft Server SQL 2012 {1}

by Chris S

Microsoft has been long developing its latest version of SQL under the code name “Denali.” Recently in a press release, they announced that the codename was dropped and the project was going to be titled simply, “Microsoft Server SQL 2012.” Microsoft President announced also that they look to contribute to the Apache Hadoop project and Big Data. Apache Hadoop is a project that develops open-source software for distributed computing. Using a user-friendly programming model, the software allows for distributed processing of large data sets across multiple nodes. The software relies on its library to detect and handle failures at the application layer, allowing those that use it to capture, store and process big data efficiently. Many companies use different forms of this project to access data from servers over the internet. It cuts data being held on one computer to being spread over a cluster of computers. read more...