Hey! You! Check out Apple’s Cloud! {2}

by Stephen O

Apples long awaited iCloud Service was unveiled on the 12th with the free IOs 5 update that was released on the 12th to anyone who has an apple ID (mind you Apple ID’s are easy and free to get and setup). Cloud Services are increasingly becoming more and more popular, despite some concerns (Privacy and Legal) the amount of cloud services sprouting up every year is amazing. Evernote and DropBox, and GoogleDocs are some of the popular ones students and business professionals may be more familiar with right now. iCloud is Apple’s entry into the market of cloud services and like how MySpace, Twitter and Facebook and other social media have revolutionized the way we use the internet we can expect cloud services have the same impact.  “iCloud’s main purpose is to cut the cord between iOS devices — such as the iPhone and iPad — and PCs. Starting with iOS 5, Apple will back up user data to the Internet automatically, making it available to Macs, Windows PCs and other iOS devices without wires. The services at iCloud.com are just one-half of the equation for accessing your data on a PC or Mac. The other half is iTunes, which can be used to manage music, TV shows, apps and e-books.” (Newman, 2011)
Though this is only part of the interesting part, this is a calculated step to hinder Windows 8, which in itself will also have a cloud service available to its users. By having a cloud service available first, they have time to perfect it, add new features, and get it right before Microsoft has theirs even out of the gate. read more...