The New Web HTML5

by Michael M
A summary of what I read this week was a journal about HTML 5. HTML 5 is not a accepted by the World Wide Web Consortium. It is being approved by many companies becuase many people know that HTML 5 is going to be the future of the web. Today we see sites that are actually haveing to format and make two sites one that is made more mobile phones while the other one is formatted for computers. If HTML 5 comes out and is accepted it will help developers because there will only have to be one page developed and it will be written with html5. The things that are changing with html 5 is cascading style sheets. HTML 5 will help developers with animation, video, and other multimedia elemenys into websites without using software such as Flash. Flash has been critized by Apple from Steve Jobs because Flash has to much power and that is how computers are getting viruses. So with HTML 5 in place Flash may becomce obsolete unless Adobe can jump on the bandwagon and work with developers of HTML5. read more...

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