CSS Is Vital To Learn {1}

by Michael M
Cascading style sheets have been around for a while they have been around since 1997 so they have been around for 15 years. Cascading style sheets are useful for any web developer. There are really no web developers now that do not know how to use css because it is so common and is now so important. Style sheets are good because they will override peoples defaults settings so it is good becuase it will be seen like that across all web pages. CSS is very important because it can affect the entire mood of a web page. It can make or break your page because it creates consistancy across pages. CSS is not that hard it is just a little harder than plain HTML and it is vital to learn because without knowing how to use CSS will prevent you from getting a job in the web development field. read more...

How to make your website top of the results list {4}

by Chris S
Everyday, users enter in keywords when search the internet. Some people may wonder how Google is able to sift through the endless list of websites out on the internet and return such an accurate listing of websites relevant to the keywords you entered. That is thanks to the developers of those websites who place keywords in the titles of their pages and website urls. Keyword placement is vital in website development as it places you higher on the results list when others are using a search engine such as Google. Google has managed to filter out the websites that are typically spam, in order to create are more accurate search result for its users. Knowing this, web developers want to place their keywords in their code in the proper places in order to gain a high ranking for their website. The title tag is big for developers as they can get the proper keywords in this tag in order to return their website higher on the list when users enter similar keywords in the search engine. When coding their website, developers can also place keywords (not too many) in the h1 and body tags. The h1 tag has been another important tool for developers to place keywords in. With the release of HTML5 however, its encouraged to use multiple h1 tags. Search Engine Optimizers won’t penalize websites using multiple h1 tags, however, developers still need to be careful not to abuse the use of the h1 tag as methods will be taken to penalize spam tactics that might try and take advantage of this multiple h1 tag placement. When designing your website a developer wants to keep in mind that quality of the website and code trumps quantity. Its important for relevance and ensuring your website is at the top of the results. Some tips such as, renaming images to logical terms that make sense rather than leaving the image name as img-11782.jpg. You want your website as well as images to contribute to the results process and when users search for images, if you correctly keyword your images, you’re website and images will return in image search results as well. read more...

Tagging With Power {Comments Off on Tagging With Power}

by James C

Folksonomies are used by numerous Web 2.0 services and have evolved into a vital user-driven tactic to index and retrieve information. The indexing of information is a strength of folksonomies. However, it is its retrieval methodology that is its weakness. Power tags represent a new search option that improves the type of retrieval findings. There are two kinds of tag distributions when dealing with the application of power tags. The first type of tag distribution is the power law distribution. The power law distribution has a mathematical expression whose curve simply contains a limited number of tags at the top of the distribution. It also has several tags with lower ranks on a long tail on the right side of the curve. The second type of tag distribution is known as inverse logistic distribution. Inverse logistic distribution contains many applicable tags at the start of the curve and is also called a long tail. Derived power tags are used to limit the number of searchable tags. The purpose of limiting searchable tags is to limit the number of search results and to improve accuracy. Further research will need to focus on how to take the theoretical ideology and turn it into actual solutions that assesses retrieval outcomes founded on power tags. read more...