Improving Life Through Databases {11}

by Alyssa M
We have discussed as a class the many uses of databases in regards to business purposes, but databases are useful on a personal level as well. In fact, there are many people that utilize databases every day without even realizing it. According to Levent Orman, “Database application systems are designed to collect, store, retrieve, process, and present large quantities of information.” While this definitely applies to business applications, it can also be applied for personal usage as well. We deal with “large quantities of information” all the time, so why not use databases to organize it all and help us improve ourselves? This idea is the principal behind many of today’s technology and applications that we take for granted every day. read more...

NAS 101 {2}

by Jim J
NAS or network attached storage are essentially an array of drives accessible for a network. Both home and business users can benefit from this; it provides a centralized location of data. You and your brother at your home can both have access to your collection of movies, or for businesses all the users within small to medium sized businesses can have access to important files. NAS range from the low hundreds to a few thousands of dollars in price depending on your needs. Most home users are fine with the most basic of NAS devices. read more...

The future state of Technology {1}

by Taylor G
Have you ever seen the movie “Eagle Eye” and wondered if someone was able to track your every move.  Well that is actually becoming a reality.  Recently, the American Civil Liberties Union reported that there is a “widespread tracking of citizen’s movements” using automated license plate readers.  This technology is reaching a point where it can be used to track every movement of any vehicle.  This technology works with street lamps, in every light pole there is a processor, like the ones in our mobile phones.  These poles are actually able to feed information back and forth with each other.  They can take a picture of your face and it can even record your conversations.  There is technology all around us, and even in our cars, which can be used against us.  Just like in an airplane there is a black box which stores all information when you enter a vehicle.  There are even cars that will send your location and speed to websites which are capable of being attacked.  A company called ‘SNOsoft Research’ says that it’s not impossible to program your car to kill someone. read more...