SQL, Easier in the Future

by Shigom H
Depending on the task, writing SQL queries can get complicated, in the article “Interactive SQL Query Suggestion: Making Databases User-Friendly”  Ju Fan proposes a neat tool for making SQL easier. By simply inserting keywords the tool will generate the corresponding SQL statements. This is similar to Microsoft excel, those who are unfamiliar with excel can type in keywords and excel will find the corresponding formula. SQLSUGG  is a program that suggest queries while the user types. Many databases already offer this type of  functionality but SQLSUGG differentiates itself by its ability to suggest advance queries. Unfortunately most database systems that offer this keyword functionality generate SQL queries from simple keywords that are only beneficial to “casual users”  but deemed useless to database administrators and SQL programmers. read more...

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CSE HTML Validator Professional

by Bach B
This is a review of PC World editorial review of CSE HTML Validator Professional. So far, the html or css code that we have learned look simple, and easy to understand. However, when you code for a professional website, it would not be that simple. When you look at source code of any website, it is huge maze of codes and codes. Making mistakes while coding is inevitable even with professionals. read more...

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Competition in the World of Analytics

by Andrew N

Competition in the World of Analytic

Google has outdone many of its competition, but now they have also come to par with the analytics component. Google launched its analytic tool back in 2005 but it had not been up to par with other companies such as Chartbeat that launched in 2009 or Webtrends. Google has introduced their new Real-Time tool which eliminates the data lag that they once had. Unlike their competition Google offers their tool for free which is a benefit to using it. Although, they do offer a premium service with includes larger websites, more data collection and service support in which can be comparable to Chartbeat who charges ten dollars a month. read more...

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