Analyzing Your Website to Improve SEO Using Analytics Tools {7}

by Emily L
What is the point of creating a great website if the no one is able to see it? While it is important that web developers and designers focus on making great websites, it equally important that they focus on Search Engine Optimization, otherwise known as SEO. To review, SEO is a process of improving the quality of websites using a number of techniques/tools in order to achieve higher rankings with major search engines (“What is seo,”). One of the tools that help with SEO is the use of Analytics tools. In general, Analytic tools help track sites’ statistics and help measure how successful your site may or may not be (Chen, 2011). It is able to track marketing subscriptions, contact form completions, downloads, clicks to social accounts, amount of traffic, etc. (Gabe, 2012). However, When it comes to SEO, analytic tools are the most used when it comes to measuring site traffic and conversion rates (Monsen). read more...

Cisco Says Mobile Data Traffic Is Rising {Comments Off on Cisco Says Mobile Data Traffic Is Rising}

by Han C
According to a recent forecast, Cisco’s visual networking index has listed global mobile data traffic to increase by 18 fold within the next five years. The VNI forecast is an ongoing initiative to track the impact of visual networking applications on a global scale. By examining the trends of the last four years, the article is able to show that average smartphone usage nearly tripled in 2011 and that mobile video traffic exceeded 50% for the first time in 2011. In addition, Android data usage is actually higher than iPhone users. The crucial factor here is to promote the increase in mobile speeds such as 4G, which includes: WiMAX, and Long-Term Evolution. 4G only holds 0.2% of mobile connections but is already accounting for 6% of all mobile data traffic. As mobile data traffic continues to rise along with user demand, the article estimates that the number of mobile connected devices will exceed the world’s population sometime this year. read more...

Internet Capacity, Network Traffic and Net Neutrality {2}

by Marco M
“Internet Capacity, Network Traffic
And Net Neutrality”

Some of the challenges facing the Internet, users and providers, are the ability to improve and expand the current infrastructure. Studies have shown that the Internet is reaching a critical point where demand is out pacing supply; consequently, the service providers need to work harder and quicker to keep-up with Internet growth by implementing faster and more efficient equipment, such as routers and fiber optics just to mention a few, so Internet traffic can continue to flow adequately. Another very important issue, right now, is Net Neutrality; this concerns Internet usage for individuals and organizations of all types, “In 2007, Comcast tried to control traffic over their network”; however, “The Federal Communications commission (FCC), by a 3-2 vote, determined that the move by Comcast was illegal”. Large service providers such as AT&T, Verizon and Google, amongst others, are trying to unilaterally decide who they want to give preferential content treatment, just as Comcast did in 2007, therefore, that those companies would give traffic priority to those companies who pay more to the Service Providers and as a result of that practice, consumers would be force to limited choices and false advertisement. read more...