Importance of JavaScript {1}

by Michael M
The article I read was interesting I was wondering why javascript was important for a webpage because why would you want to use java when you can use other stuff. But after reading the article it makes sense. When you look at a web page you usually judge a web site really quickly. Does it look professional or not. Is the page cluddered with links or are there things that stick out and grab your attention to the page. When you use Javascript you are pulling the visitors attention to your site because it looks professional and you are able to even plave slideshows on the page. It also doesnt need a server to validate information it can check required fields and give error messgaes if needed. The good thing about JavaScript is it can be placed in script files so it cant be ranked. If it was ranked with the code it lowers the ranking and since it can be placed in a folder it can be ranked higher then other sites. So Javascript is really benifical for someone that is a web developer and wants to have higher ratings and look professional. read more...

UI Testing With Real Users {2}

by Daniel S
One key aspect to user-interface design is how to run a user test. A user test is to show the developer how user friendly your design is. A user test should always involve users with no software skills whatsoever. This way the feedback that is given to the developer will be much more valuable, and also it will be unbiased. The test users that you’ve selected should also click around on various menus and the developer should log how the users use your system. As a developer, you have to be aware that since you’re using testers with no software skills, patience is the key. Some users might feel overwhelmed, stressed, and/or emotionally distressed. read more...

User Interface design will affect efficiency and experience {1}

by Boshi W
I read an article on Design Shack talking about the UI designs on of Apple’s products not very efficient and create problems for users. One design was the Ibooks User Interface being too spaced out and letters too cramped comparing to its competitors Amazon Kindle’s simple and intuitive design interface which gives much free space to breathe. The Authors calls this design the “uncanny valley”. Another UI design flaw was the Cockpit for Mac OSX also being too realistic but inefficient in user experience. The author argues that apps with simplicity in mind is more user friendly and adaptive then apps trying to make it too realistic. read more...