Introducing UML

by Rudy P
The article i read this week was “Conceptual Data Modeling in the Introductory Database Course: Is it Time for UML?” by James Suleiman and Monica Garfield. This article gave a few reasons why the Unified Modeling Language or UML should be taught in introductory database courses at universities. When teaching conceptual data modeling, a majority of  schools teach the Entity Relationship or ER notation. This is for various reasons including preference and text book support, as many text books only dedicated only a single chapter or a part of the appendix to UML. There have been an increase in the teaching of UML in courses, however not as the primary modeling notation. The main fact backing the claim that UML should be taught in introduction to database course is its use in industry. The authors make the claim that UML has become an increasingly popular notation in the workforce, and thus should be taught in a more detailed manner in academia. read more...

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