Visual Studio 2010

Release of Visual Studio 2010 {Comments Off on Release of Visual Studio 2010}

by Jasmine C
The article I read this week talked about Visual Studio 2010 and how it delivers functional programming for developers than previous versions.  The article talks about how Visual Studio’s integrated development environment (IDE) was rebuilt and now includes WPF, .NET Windows presentation foundation.  The inclusion of WPF  was put off for a little bit because previously, WPF  had compatibly and performance issues.  However, visual studio and WPF is a perfect fit together and whenever there is a problem with the WPF, the visual team is able to fix that problem internally.  With the release of things like Windows 7, several versions of Silverlight browser plugins and ASP.NET MVC, the new version of Visual Studio 2010 makes it easier to support these features without making compromises that would make development harder.  The article also talks about parallel programming capabilities and how Visual Studio 2010 has a better support system of parallel programming at entry level.  Things from the core framework and libraries through the debugging and profiling tools is taken care of and runtime schedules are set according to the capabilities of the machine.  All in all, Visual Studio 2010 is very beneficial.  It has improvements in its coding, debugging, tools, the set-up of team development is easier, and much more. read more...

How Data Binding Works {2}

by Michael M
Data binding is the process that retrieves data from a given data source and associates it to attributes of the User Interface elements. Data binding gets data from the middle tier of an application and displays it in a nice looking html format. When you use data binding expressions with ASP.Net controls, behaviors are attached to the controls life cycle through the Data Binding event handlers. As developers of our web pages we have the power the trigger data binding events for individual controls or if we want to we can make it trigger all controls within the page. If you want to call for data binding you would use, <%# … %> and the data binding expression will update themselves if you do not want to call data bind, you can create a new page class that overrides the on load method. Data binding expressions can only be used with ASP.Net control markup and require you to call to the Data bind method. read more...

Visual Studio 2010 Cloud Plug-In {1}

by Antonio M
This article talks about Rackspace Hosting, which is a cloud and hosting company. At the
time when this article was released Rackspace had announced a “Cloud Plug-In” for Microsoft
Visual Studio 2010. This particular plugin would allow .NET developers to make applications
and deploy them to Rackspace’s Cloud Servers. This plug in will also allow developers to
become aware of their cloud server instances while they are developing applications. Their
are also API features of this plug-in that can have the ability to: read more...

Visual Studio 2010 Top 10 {Comments Off on Visual Studio 2010 Top 10}

by Jonathan F

Microsoft with the release of Visual Studio 2010, Net Framework 4 and Silverlight 4 have made the web development process a little easier. It helps developers with enterprise, desktop and mobile applications. Prior to the release of Visual Studio 2010 Microsoft revealed the top ten features of this program. The first feature is that it has intellitrace which allows developers to look at the recorded history of the execution of the developed application to see where there are any mistakes in application that would cause it to crash or has caused it to crash. It has test impact analysis which informs developers of test that need to be run on an application and gives real time results of the test. The program also allows the developer to display a developed project across multiple screens, this is helpful because a developer can view multiple files at once. One screen can have code, another the database development and the interface design. Microsoft also made improvements on the use of C++ in Visual Studio by enabling the use of multiple C++ compilers. It has the feature of JavaScript IntelliSense which auto completes JavaScript code as you type. Visual Studio 2010 has improved AJAX support which improves the performance of Web applications by allowing developers to use jQuery framework in their ASP.NET applications. The program allows start page extensibility which allows developers to personalize the start page to their own preferences. It has a one-click deployment allows developers to move their database, registry and Web config settings into production in one step and allows Website updates with the hit of a button. It has business connectivity service which allows developers to join multiple data sources. They are able to get different files from other sources and join everything together with Sharepoint. It makes joining a project together much easier. Finally Visual Studio 2010 has a Silverlight designer which allows a developer to build a application that can run on the Web and offline. read more...