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AWS in Visual Studio {Comments Off on AWS in Visual Studio}

by Vincent S
This past May, Amazon just announced that they will aim their efforts to make it easier for web developers to upload and implement applications.  Their first step forward in this direction is their announcement of allowing developers to take advantage of a program called Elastic Beanstalk.  Elastic Beanstalk is an application that takes care of deployment details such as load balancing and capacity provisioning.  Web developers can use Amazon Web Services (AWS) included in Visual Studio in order to develop the program.  They then can upload the application into Amazon’s web server.  From there, Elastic Beanstalk will automatically deploy it. read more...

Microsoft Open Sourcing it’s ASP.NET Technology {1}

by Jongwoo Y
Just recently, Microsoft has decided to start open sourcing their ASP.NET technology. This is a surprise move considering that Microsoft is not really known to open source any of it’s programs, especially core development applications such as ASP.NET. However, just recently, Microsoft did make the ASP.NET MVC source code available for developers. What has been the biggest news is that Microsoft has opened up even more and decided to release the source code for ASP.NET Web API and ASP.NET Web Pages, also known as Razor (Taft, 2012). Many developers are pleased with the initial releases, however, they are very surprised that Microsoft will actually be willing to take contributions from the developer community for the first time. Microsoft has never taken in out of company developer contributions for any of their applications that are currently being distributed (Taft, 2012). This is a major step forward for the giant company from Washington. In a recent blog post by Scott Guthrie, Vice President of the Microsoft Server and Tools Business division, Guthrie stated how due to the fact that Microsoft has open sourced their ASP.NET technology, they’ve decided to also include open-source technologies into their own ASP.NET product such as jQuery, jQueryUI, jQuery Mobile, and many more (Taft, 2012). Hopefully this turns out to be a good idea for Microsoft, however, it seems that their idea has made many developers pretty pleased. read more...

AWS easier for developers. {1}

by Gerardgon Z
This article talks about Amazon Web Services making it a lot easier for ASP.NET to roll out cloud-based applications for their cloud service. Elastic Beanstalk allows for easy and care free deployment of new ASP.NET applications onto Amazon’s cloud service. This allows developers to focus more of their time on actually developing their applications instead of worrying about the cloud infrastructure and its deployment and cloud environment. read more...

Security Implementation in Visual Studio {Comments Off on Security Implementation in Visual Studio}

by Jorge R
The topic of my article this week talks about the security implementation in Visual Studio has in place to counter security threats. The author explains that the most common attack on website is the buffer overflow. Which is done by overwriting the buffer storing return address with the substring of source code. This attack changes the control flow by the attack which is then given full control over the software. In a attempt to stop these attacks researchers have designs new defensive techniques to stop hacker. These techniques include boundary checking, source backup, memory access control, address randomization, modification detecting, and instruction scrambling. The GS tool in Visual studio for C/C++ compiler is a useful tool for developers to write secure software. The problem upon using GS is the fact that it only defeats half the problem with buffer overflows. It cannot prevent a called function from manipulating the callers frame pointer. With these issues at hand Microsoft has taken the step to address these issues and help developers writer secure programs. With Visual Studios new updates, it has the ability to, “protect the caller’s frame pointer from callee’s  tampering at no additional cost”. It also has the ability to generate higher security strength while alleviating the denial of service attack by analyzing the indirect function call by the prologue pattern. read more...

Server apps made easier {1}

by Salvador A
At the time this article was released they show cased some of the new features of Azure, Windows Server 8 , Azure, and Visual Studio. This was more a tech conference where they demoed out some of the nifty new features of each of these products. One of the features worth mentioning was the ability to make a website using some ASP.NET that would work on any and all web browsers. Another fun feature being introduced was, being able to find blocks of code that are “clones”, which essentially means that they are exactly the same piece of code. There were also more templates to help with the familiarization of these new features. On the Windows Server 8 side they added features that will allow for it to manage data storage even easier. The virtual machines can now be moved (to deal with storage situations), and data storage can also be moved to outside file sharing services. Azure added features to make coding within it easier, such as a data sync option that makes data available through out data centers. read more...

Merit Awarded given to ERwin Data Modeler {Comments Off on Merit Awarded given to ERwin Data Modeler}

by Ermie C
This article is about how a CA ERwin Data Modeler has been given the Reader’s Choice Merit Award from Visual Studio Magazine. They were chosen under the categories of Databases, Data Development and Modeling. In the Visual Studio Magazine there are 29 categories to get recognized in. With many readers, they have understood the “proven ability” of what ERwin data modeler can do from streamlining the data model and designing databases. This recognition is highly regarded because VSM’s readers are the most important to them and they understand that if their readers recognize something, then it will clearly deserve a reward. This Data Modeler is popular because it is used by many professionals and it gives them the ability to solve real world database problems. So this award is deserving to the one thing that makes everyone’s life easier. read more...

Microsoft making it easier for the average businessman. {Comments Off on Microsoft making it easier for the average businessman.}

by Andrew N


Microsoft making it easier for the average businessman.

Microsoft has released a new version of its Visual Studio with some new tools involved. The company has released the version called Visual Studio LightSwitch which is suppose to be user friendly for business managers. The software is a stripped down version of the normal Visual Studios that will make it simple enough for a person to create an application with barely any knowledge of coding. Applications that are created using LightSwitch can be accessed either local machine or on Microsoft Azure which is the cloud computing service. So far, the beta version has only been released and there are no words about the final release. read more...

So Whats the Bottom Line {Comments Off on So Whats the Bottom Line}

by Joeydes M

The article talks about the best fit for specific organizations in regards to a development tool. Is Microsofts MVC solution, based on and templates, the right tool? the answer is it depends. MVC allows for rapid web form and site develpment so if the organization needs things done quickly and dont particualry care about the look of the site or the functionality this is the way to go. The author states that it isnt that MVC is not modern looking and doesnt provide a good amount of templates that are professional, but they are not very customizable. A lot of it is “out of the box” and WYSIWYG so to speak. Again not that it isnt effective and not to say that it does not get the project done, becuase it does. Now if your organization wants a very customizable web form then they should look at a different development enviornment using things like JavaScript and/or PHP. read more...

Visual Studio 2010 {Comments Off on Visual Studio 2010}

by Wei C

Visual Studio 2010 is a newer edition of the all purposes development tool from Microsoft. There is a brand new editor and platform for the version 4.0 .net framework. It contains the new features which allow users to use C++ 0x standard. In addition to the updated C++ features, it also supports the parallel programming which is really popular recently. Furthermore, Visual Studio 2010 also improving some of the functions such as debugging, coding and testing. However, because of the diversity of the features, so it is larger and slower to use than before. In this case, it is not yet completely supports the mobile development because of this downside. However, it is still a strong program which can help a lot for its features. In conclusion, the author stats that Visual Studio 2010 is still new to the market so far, and it will be popular later since it has all those great features. read more...