Microsoft’s JavaScript Focus is a Winner

by Marco M
“Some developers must be masochists”

Microsoft is becoming the latest software development company to fully embrace HTML5 and JavaScript. Microsoft has set its focus on

implementing both in their new version of Windows, and Office Suite and Office 365. By making this announcement, Microsoft has acknowledged that VBA is a lousy scripting language and it is replacing it with a more powerful and widely accessible and acceptable script. The article also mentioned that VB6 was an inferior programming language that Microsoft stopped supporting in 2008. So it makes sense that Microsoft would stop supporting VBA, which is cumbersome to use and whose syntax is unclear sense. JavaScript on the other hand, runs almost everywhere, from mobile devises to desktops, to web servers, in fact, JavaScript is perhaps the most popular scripting language on the web and if Microsoft makes JavaScript the preferred scripting for Windows, it would be a valuable tool for developers and users alike. read more...

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“Can you hear me now?” “No.”

by Omar N.

In the article titled, “Making Web Content Accessible for the Deaf Via Sign Language”, the German author argues that the web is prejudice against deaf people and gives a statistic that says 0.1 to 0.2 percent of any given population is deaf. It is explained that while it is true that information on the web is primarily exchanged through text, a large majority of those who are deaf tend to be illiterate. The reason for their illiteracy comes from the fact that reading and writing is learned after becoming familiar with oral language. Without a spoken language foundation, grammatical rules and vocabulary become a much greater challenge to comprehend for those born deaf. So much so, that many children drop out of school before learning basic reading and writing skills. read more...

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Harmonizing Color for UX

by Calvin M
This journal article teaches about the importance of the uses of colors as they affect User Experience. Color harmony is a very important concept to understand while coming up with a web application. It can affect the users emotions and influence users subconsciously.  Colors that are opposite from each other in intensity will cause the eyes to tire easily, so those types of color combinations should be avoided. The rest of the article goes on to show the different scientific research done to find harmonious color combinations such as the graph posted on the bottom of this post. read more...

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Web Pages

by Joeydes M

This article is about the art of designing a website and the content that goes into the pages of that site. It talks about cluttered sites with too much going on, and sites that take too long to load, etc… The author states that web design is a breeze and that anyone can do it, the problem is that every does do it and it doesn’t always come out good. It goes into detail on what specific types of companies and site design should practice. Breaks down the dynamics of a site and also points out that sometimes simple is better then overly complex. read more...

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Chapter 14 Outsourcing

by Philip K
This article is called the “Perils of Outsourcing,” it discusses a story of a business owner who chose to outsource his web design and the plan backfired in its results.

Last year, a business man, Fan Bi, opened a web business that manufactured men’s shirts with the ability to create a custom label.  Bi had work experience with a London based company that outsourced web labor in countries such as India, Sri Lanka, and Costa Rica and felt he had the knowledge to farm this task out himself. read more...

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