Faster WiFi {3}

by Ricardo C
This article relates to Wi-Fi speeds. A team of Japanese researchers has just broken the record for wireless data transmission in the terahertz range. This is 20 times faster than most current Wi-Fi connections. The researchers focused on an unregulated part of the electromagnetic spectrum between 300GHz and 3THz. Using these frequencies the researchers were able to develop hardware capable of transmitting at 3Gb/s  at frequencies up to 542GHz which is about 20 times faster than current Wi-Fi connection. According to the article this is just a concept and terahertz Wi-Fi would probably only work over short distances. read more...

Controversies over Wi-Fi Data {3}

by Jim J

The FCC recently cleared Google of wrongdoings regarding their actions in the breech of data two years ago. Google is accused of harvesting data from their “Street View” cars that they gathered from Wi-Fi networks. In the process of aggregating data with people’s wireless networks, Google also accidentally gathered private information such as passwords and email addresses from the wireless networks. Though this was not their purpose in collecting the information, Google inadvertently did so because of plethora of data they were collecting. And to top it off, they got away with it as not being a crime because the data use public airwaves that are accessible by anyone; the argument is that its similar to one sending vital information using Walkmans on a frequency others can listen into. The final point is the only way for personal information to truly be secure is through encryption and with password-protection. read more...