Building Web Applications Using Google API {7}

by Emily L
Unless you live under a rock, I will guarantee that you have come across at least one web site that utilizes one of the many Google APIs. Today, it is being used almost everywhere! To fully understand Google APIs, let me first explain what an API actually is. API stands for “Application Programmable Interface” and is a set of programming instructions that access web based software or tools (Dave). In this case, the Google API allow web developers to query Google’s servers, using its data for their own web applications. Google alone has dozens of APIs open to web developers and designers. Some of these APIs include: Maps API, Analytics API, Places API, Calendar APIs, YouTube APIs, etc. (Chapman, 2011). Let’s explore some of the more popular Google APIs. read more...

Will Google TV 2.0 Be Any Good? {Comments Off on Will Google TV 2.0 Be Any Good?}

by Asbed P
Last year, Google announced Google TV which in theory was supposed to stream videos from the net, allow you to view photos, and listen to your music collection.  They have however been greatly outshone by Apple’s product, Apple TV, which is already expanding and can be found in many homes already.  Now that Google has got its act together and added some extra features to GTV, they have a chance to gain a customer base before its too late.  The biggest new feature GTV users will notice is the addition of Google Apps.  This means Netflix, Pandora, Skype and many other apps available on the Android platform will be available on Google TV.  They have also added Android Honeycomb so the TV will actually have the operating system Google designed for it’s tablets, meaning your TV will be more like a computer than it was before and who wouldn’t like that.  One final thing Google has added is the better search engine for shows and movies.  The new search will actually show you what time the next airing of the specific TV show or movie will be, but will also show the users what other services the program can be found on for instant viewing. read more...

Where to Watch Online Movies {4}

by Jintien C
YouTube offers movie rentals in the U.K. now. It tries to put on different variety of movies to its users. According to Matteo Vallone, YouTube business product manager wrote, “we’ve got some cracking films to keep everyone entertained through the upcoming winter months and beyond.” YouTube movie rentals price is from $0.99 to $3.99, but some of them are free of charge. When you make the purchase, you have 48-hour period to access that movie. YouTube also has a feature that helps you find movie that you may be interested in. read more...