Visual Basic Upgrades… rather, Upgraded.

by Evin C
Visual Basic has presented itself as an excellent tool for the future of our course, and possibly even our career. Taking the time to truly understand this program can benefit us in more ways than one, hopefully allowing us to improve our overall abilities and even understanding of these technical resources. The article I have chosen speaks on Vis

ual Basic and its crossing paths with a little known idea called .Net. Microsoft at the time has developed it’s newest version of Visual Basic .Net and it was a huge leap and bound for the resource. With the expansion of the product, the author asks “What are we going to do with all this Visual Basic?” The author goes on to state, “if you’re a project manager with a portfolio of Visual Basic applications to maintain, that’s no idle question. Microsoft’s newest version of its flagship programming language, Visual Basic .Net (VB .Net), is a huge leap forward, re-creating Visual Basic as a full-fledged object-oriented programming environment for building full-scale Web services.” This alone seemed to entice programmers alike and the discussion ensues on whether or not it is a viable option to upgrade now or down the road.

Seeing this article really reminded me of the continuous work companies such as Microsoft do every year and how they truly push the industry into new developments. I love how this relates to our course material and how we can even apply this to our future. I look to continue my learning of Visual Basic and all other resources that are out there to further improve my skills and give me a well-rounded knowledge base.


Hayes, F. (2002). Visual basic hits .net crossroads. Computerworld, 36(33), 22-23.