Cloud Computing{1}

by Michael M
Today we are entering a age where technology is changing all of the time and is changing rapidly. We always have a computer at the tips our fingers with our smart phones, laptops, and even our tablets. With all of this changing technology we need to chage the way we store our data so it can be accessable to us anytime anywhere and even on any computer. That technology is now here and is becoming popuar for everyone within the business world and even for resedential use. This new technology is known as cloud computing. It allows you to have all of your data on
all of your computers allowing you to make updates and will allow you to store the data back to the cloud so you can access it later. Apple is one company that is using cloud computing. It will allow people to store all of their music and pictures on the cloud and can be accessed using a apple device. Apple will give 5 gb of space to people to use on their server.

The reason why cloud computing is related to the topic this week is because we were talking about the internet. The web server is what we would consider as the cloud for many of the devices that are in use on the internet today. We do see a database somewhere within the system. With http being the primary objective to this class cloud computing fit in with the critera very well because many of the things we go deals with the internet and cloud computing is going to focus primarily with using the internet and the technology is changing and is something that many of us are going to be using.

The way that I would connect this to my own knowledge is by showing how many of the things we do on the internettoday deals with syncing many different things. Today we are using many different sites to host our pictures on. We use Amazon, ITunes, Goodle, Hotmail and many differnt companies or software to store our information on a server somewhere that can be saved and changed for later use. Cloud computing is a powerful technology that will change the way many of us do business as well as little jobs. We can basically sit at home and do some work and later call someone else and have them finish what they need by no face to face contact but by using the cloud to back up and save our data on.

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