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by Abraham L

Adobe; developer of flash, is releasing an upcoming software named Adobe Edge. Adobe Edge is going to be a development tool aimed to make the creation of interactive websites and animations with HTML5. With everyone talking about how HTML is possibly going to dominate the browser scene, Adobe just wants to make sure that when HTML5 developers do create their product, people are going to do it with Adobe.  Since programs like flash are still all over the web, Adobe still dominates. The program itself will have an interface that is very similar to that of Adobe Flash. However, instead of using Adobe ActionScript, its going to code the animations in JSON, a code format that favors html and javascript. Adobe Edge is available right now at Adobe’s website but the product is going to release a full product in 2012.

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HTML5 possibly going to take over web development. HTML5 gears to give the interactive experience of the web to users while at the same time not forcing them to download extra programs (like flash) in order for them to be functional on their browsers. I think the idea is a compliment to web users all over the world and a sigh of relief to web developers/designers. Designing a website doesn’t mean that your going to have to code in different languages (using HTML and coding also in ActionScript) anymore making development time more quicker and economical. Now that companies like Adobe are already making software to compliment on HTML5, the idea HTML5 will probably become the future norm holds stronger evidence. Adobe is already thinking of ways to predict the outcome and get ahead of the ball game by tailoring their software to be cooperative with their products rather than trying to out-compete.

I think that Adobe’s move was a correct one. Apple and Microsoft could be already probably making a development tools that also appeal to HTML5 code. What I don’t believe is that Adobe Flash is going to be wiped off the the face of the earth. We might see less of Flash on the internet but probably more Flash on a corporate level as it could be used to several aids for business – solutions to training and intranet as an example. Flash also has a strong community behind it as websites like practically having all their files in Flash.

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