Ajax intrated into ASP.NET

by Jorge R
The topic of my article this week explains, Ajax technology and how it is implemented with ASP.NET. The main goal for web applications is to development a system with rapid response time with an array of functionality. In 2005 Ajax a new development tool for web application emerged, this new tool allowed web developers the ability to produce more agile web applications with rapid speeds. Big companies have implemented Ajax into their web pages, such as Google. Google first implemented this technology into Google Maps by,” using the cursor to move in scale line to enlarge or reduce the map, responding immediately and not waiting for pages update completely”. This technology can also be seen in Google suggest, by displaying the users search request immediately. Ajax stand for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. What makes it unique is the fact that it is not a new language or technology but it is an array of technologies compiled together to form the system. These technologies include,”…JavaScript, XHTML, CSS, DOM, XML, XMLHttpRequest and XSTL…”. Microsoft was one of the first pioneers to implement Ajax in their ASP.NEt web development software. Microsoft has also added JavaScript and OOD (oriented object development) to the software. ASP.NEt has been integrated with server based ASP.NET platform as well as providing the client and server components together. This allows the automatic conversion which enhances the program application and user experience.

I found this article to be relevant to the class because it explains the concepts of Ajax and how they are being implemented into ASP.NET. Now that we are starting to use ASP.NET knowing the basic concepts and software implementation can help us understand and build our new class project. As a novice programmer I find it intriguing that Ajax is not something new but rather a new method of programming with an array of languages and software put together.


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3 thoughts on “Ajax intrated into ASP.NET”

  1. Well said about Ajax. I too felt that it is rather an enhancement and new method of programming. It will be interesting as we implement the use of Ajax and ASP.net into our project.

  2. Articles like these make me more motivated to learn about Ajax and ASP.net. I really hope it’s not too hard and that we are able to get a better understanding of it on our next project.

  3. I think this was a great article. Learning about Ajax and ASP.NET in this class is cool because before coming into this class, I knew nothing about these subjects.There is so much information out there as well to help beginners like myself get a better understanding to these two subjects. It’s going to be interesting using this in our final project. Nice article!

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