Android Apps for Cloud Administrators

by Robert T
In Eric Greir’s article, “5 Great Android Apps for Cloud Admins,” featured on, Greir lists some of the best to-go software for those that run cloud databases. If you happen to have administrative privileges for a cloud or a cloud service, these apps are definitely something you would want to look into. The first one is the AWS (Amazon Web Service) Console. The app is able to run on tablets outfitted with Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich but is also able to run on Android phones. According to Greir, AWS Console offers a relatively easy user interface but lacks in graphics. Best thing of all, AWS Console is entirely free and can be purchased from the Android Market. Another android app, which is currently in beta, is the Android AWS Manager. Compared to the AWS Console, this application was built primarily for cell phones, but can also be used for tablets. As of now, the Android AWS Manager does not feature any sort of protective countermeasure in the application. To keep from anyone obtaining the useful information, it would be wise to use the android lock screen pin. Another free android app for cloud admins is Rackspace. According to Greir’s article, Rackspace developed this free Android app to enable its customers to manage their Rackspace cloud servers, files, and load balancers. It supports multiple accounts for U.S., UK, and custom API endpoints. You can perform all of the basic cloud server tasks, such as creating, renaming, deleting, resizing, and rebooting instances.” Rackspace also features a built in password protection to help keep any sensitive information safe from those who can exploit it.

These apps are without a doubt a breakthrough in how administrators conduct the managing of their cloud service. Before, administrators would need to log into a netbook or find a desktop to make even the simplest of changes to their servers. With applications such as these, they are no longer restricted from being able to move on-the-go while accessing their servers. With the changing in times, everything now a days is mobile. For the past couple years now the sales of tablets and smart phones have been skyrocketing and developers know this. So in order to capitalize on the recent increase of mobile devices, these developers create applications for those businesses men and women to help manage whatever day-to-day work that they would do in the workplace anywhere they please. The applications are free, just as most android apps are, so it doesn’t hurt to try and install one of these apps and give it a shot. I think we could expect a few more applications like this in the near future. However, I don’t think that many of the applications will remain free. Of the apps mentioned in Greir’s article, 3 are strictly for AWS. With all the players in the cloud computing game that will be making their debut, I wouldn’t doubt that there will be two or three times as many apps to help manage and regulate them.

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