Anonymous Attacks Get Police Information

by David L
In this week’s article named “BART Cops’ Data Posted By Hackers” by Jaikumar Vijayan, I read about how BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) was attacked and their employee’s personal information was posted onto the internet. When the attack was finished, “…names, home addresses, email addresses, and passwords of 102 police officers belonging to San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) Agency” (Vijayan, 2011). Here is the reason/buildup that got to this point. In March, a BART police officer shot down a drunk man who threw a knife at the officer. And as word spread of this incident, protestors started planning a protest inside BART terminals and on BART platforms. BART wanted to ensure safety of riders, and knew that the protesters would be organizing via cellphone. So they took preemptive action and blocked cellular signals within San Francisco BART. But also a week before Anonymous retrieved personal information of 102 police officers, Anonymous attacked the site, and “…released usernames, addresses and phone numbers of more than 2000 BART customers.” (Vijayan, 2o11).


As a BART commuter, I am really surprised that BART really got hacked into, and information regarding their police officers were retrieved. I would expect that enforcement agencies would have better protection of their employee’s personal information. I kind of feel lucky now that whenever I used BART, I payed for my tickets in cash and never entered any personal information in. Their database should of been more protected and secured. I bet that the public feels less secure, when the organizations set up to protect them are being attacked.


Viyajan, J. (2011, August 17). BART Cops’ Data Posted by Hackers. Retrieved May 6, 2012, from


5 thoughts on “Anonymous Attacks Get Police Information”

  1. Internet security issue is always gonna be a problem. There isn’t a ultimate way to protect something that is on the internet besides being offline. Sony was attacked within these recent years too. It is hard to prevent something like this to happen besides updating and improving their systems with better security means. I think this may be a good lesson for companies to improve on their internet security to prevent this from happening and causing the company to lose reputations that they have established.

  2. This is actually the first time i heard about BART. But i am sure a lot of people might commuting in it, and were shocked after they might have heard the news. There are always people with malicious intent, and have different ways to show their disapproval of things. But as a safety precaution it is really important to equip oneself with the worst of the situation and expect the unexpected.

  3. I might have heard a variation of this story second hand, but I do remember hearing about Anonymous obtaining police and employee information and releasing it. My best guess as to what Anonymous might have been trying to prove by doing something like this is along the lines like “you are vulnerable”, but it just goes to show no matter how secure a system may be, things like this can still happen.

  4. I would agree that companies need to stay up to date on their internet security. Everyone can learn a good lesson from all of the recent attacks that have been happening. It is on the company to maintain the highest level of security to protect its customers and employees data.

  5. You would think companies would be aware their security is not up to par. It is sad that it takes an attack on their system for them to realize they need to address this security. It is their responsibility to protect sensitive data entered into their databases and test their systems for vulnerabilities, such as potential entry points for hackers such as Anonymous.

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