Be Aware!{2}

by Kaushal S
People who are in the habit of forgetting or losing track of their belongings specially their expensive phones since it carries personal information such as credit card and bank information should not worry no more because US mobile phone carriers are planning on taking steps to secure your phones even after losing it. This article talks about how U.S. mobiles companies are coming together to create stolen phone database where it will be easier to find a lost or a stolen phone. There will be a database created for all the GSM phones and LTE phones each to better serve customers under mobile theft prevention program. It also talks about how crime regarding stolen phones has increased from 8% to 40% in in just 10 years. It will also help in reducing the incentive for robbers to steal phones. Until now, there wasn’t a need to create a database in U.S. since prices were nominal. But that is not true anymore since Apple has dominated the industry for past ten years with their sky rocketing prices.
I picked this article because it relates to our database class in ways since it didn’t have what it would include or in what ways it would help cell phones users track their phones if it were to be stolen but it’s a good start that they have taken an initiative to do something about it. I really hope that something this comes out soon before any more casualties take toll on cell phone users.
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