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by Abraham L

Bitrix, a company revolving their products primarily around small to mid-sized organizations and providing them with cutting-edge web technologies released ASP.NETv5.5 earlier this year. This update from ASP.NET Site Manager v5.0 to v5.5 had developers waiting from 2009 to 2011, a good two years before an upgrade. The upgrade improves on performance and to the ORM modules as well as providing new quick-start solutions for users. The ASP.NET version mirrors PHP Site Manager but Bitrix upgraded to v5.5 to appeal to developers who prefer to work on the Microsoft ASP.NET platform.

Bitrix Adaptive Interface Control Panel

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Although there is much similarity to the ASP.NET version and the PHP version, the ASP.NET version includes a set of out-of-the-box templates that take account to the ever increasing use of social media (improved forums, blogs, rating features, and personal communications.) ASP.NET Site Manager v5.5 includes a proactive protection module with built in web application firewall and an enhance ORM. The company has even included a non-technical user friendly interface that makes principal features easily accessible so for those who aren’t as literate in programming jargon. Bitrix Site Manager ASP.NET v5.5 will be available as an upgrade function for those users with v5.0.


Bitrix took a while to develop their ASP.NET Site Manager in comparison to the constant updates they do with the PHP version. To be exactly honest, I’m not familiar with PHP. The information I know about  ASP.NET is because of class. I’m guessing maybe they took more time into the ASP.NET version to better tailor it to developers leaning toward using ASP.NET platform. Much of the 2 year lag was to incorporate those extras like the extra templates for those users who are just starting out with their company’s web presence and the non-technical user friendly adaptive interface.

This is significant to our class because we are now learning about ASP.NET through Microsoft Visual Studio. This would be another option to creating a site geared towards small businesses and mid-sized businesses.  Bitrix is aiming to make creating websites easier and more user friendly for ASP.NET with their take-on towards those who are non-technical with the adaptive interface. With this said, to truly understand how programs like these work I’m guessing that it’s important to understand the fundamental ASP.NET information we are learning now.



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