Cell Phone Carriers band together to Fight Cell Phone Theft

by Tomas R
The article i read, titled “U.S. wireless carriers to create database to fight phone theft” is about how the four major United States cell phone carriers (T-mobile, AT&T, Verizon and Sprint) are banding together, with the federal government, to disrupt and prevent the theft of cell phones. First, they will assign unique IDs to every cell phone they sell. Next, they will create a shared database, that can track and prevent the activation of a stolen cell phone. The database will be able to notify a consumer and their wireless provider if their phone was stolen, and it will prevent he device from being able to be activated again. This database is supported by Senator Charles Schumer, who, according to the article, will make it a federal crime to “Tamper with unique IDs in an effort to defer attempts to evade the database. According tot he FCC, around 50 percent of robberies involve cell phones in many major cities. The FCC, in tangent with the database, plan to use pamphlets and the internet to inform and educate consumers on how the database will work, and how to prevent cell phone theft.

This article relates to our class discussion because we talked about the database, and how to use it for business situations. The stolen cell phone database is a prime example of how to use a database to aid a business.

This article was very interesting to me because i think it is a good solution to decreasing the theft of cell phones. It is also interesting because it shows how something we learn in class can apply to daily life. I always thought a database was something that was used in the background of a company, and was something that was not a main focus of consumers. I did not know that a database can be used for something like cell phone theft prevention, and although i do not know effective it will be, i am confident that if built correctly it can help with cell phone theft.

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2 thoughts on “Cell Phone Carriers band together to Fight Cell Phone Theft”

  1. Although the benefits of this fight against cell phone theft is extremely useful, I am highly concerned about the costs of such technology. The use of a unique ID and storage in the cloud adds cost to all carriers and I am curious to see how this type of insurance will affect the cost to consumers. If this plan goes into effect, all phones will have trackers on them. Therefore, the costumer will be required to pay an extra cost for the service. I can see this being an issue with customers who do not wish to be forced to pay for something they do not want.

    Of course, this is all speculation. I would love to see something be done about phone thefts and I believe this would be a step in the right direction. However, I just think the reception of this idea will not be met well with all consumers.

  2. I completely support this idea. Mainly because I had my Iphone stolen not too long ago, and my cell phone carrier wasn’t able to track it down. I hope all of the cell phone carriers figure out a way to help end this cell phone theft.

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