CISPA and Privacy

by Nelson T
In an article found in, it talks about how the CISPA (Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act) Bill raises concerns about privacy and how the data will be harnessed and used. The purpose of the bill is to ” make it easier for Internet Service Provides and Internet companies to collect and share cyber threat information gleaned from their networks with federal agencies like the U.S National Security Agency” (Vijayan, 2012). Privacy advocates and civil rights group disagree with the bill. The bill has been passed in the House of Representatives and is moving on to the Senate. Some of the reason why groups oppose is because “it would undermine fundamental privacy protections granted to Internet users under multiple statutes, including the Federal Wiretap Act and the Electronic Communications Privacy” (Vijayan, 2012). Those who are for the bill include high tech companies who want improved cyber security to keep hackers at bay. They say that the bill is vaguely worded and would pose a bigger problem since it would allow internet providers and internet companies and share a lot of different data with the government whose federal agencies will have access to this data. Late amendments have been added to the bill but even with those amendments it still makes the bill very dangerous concerning cyber security.

I believe that we should only collect data that is relevant to protecting Internet users. Instead of collecting everything and all kinds of data, collect only threatening data that can potentially lead to the apprehension or tracking of a cyber thief or hacker. I wouldn’t want to pay for internet service that constantly collects all my data and use of the internet and then share it with the government. It makes me feel like i have an oppressor watching over me while I surf the internet.


Vijayan, J. (2012, April 27). Privacy advocates vow to continue cispa fight. Retrieved from

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  • April 29, 2012 at 5:12 pm

    I agree with your stance on the issue. CISPA’s purpose is vague, to say the least, and I observe more harm than good for passing it. The main point of “providing internet companies with the the power to combat such things as piracy” sounds good on paper, but there is no telling where your information will go once in the hands of the internet companies. I am very skeptical of giving that much power to internet companies and think that everyone should be aware of the things that CISPA is not saying.

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