Cloud Computing Qualities

by Kaushal S
Good bye hard drives and welcome endless space of storage the “Cloud Computing”. It has become the next best thing in the cyber world. Before there was a need of backing things in case of a crash or other catastrophes but now all that has been put to rest, thanks to cloud computing. It is basically virtual servers available over the internet for sites such email providers, online vendors (amazon, ebay, etc) or could be there to provide us with information (Wikipedia, eHow, etc). This article may sound a very introductory in ways to a lot of people but this provides important insights about cloud computing. It works as SaaS (Software as a Service) which is extremely easy and affordable for users to use and almost no work for providers to maintain it. It also talks about how it also helps in utility computing, how it helps run web services, mash up platforms. Cloud computing also works great with monitoring services such as antivirus programs.
Cloud computing helps run many different platforms in its function such as Service commerce platforms. It allows users do business such as purchasing and making transactions between consumers and vendors. It allows internet integration for various things to come together and makes our cyber experience more enriched every time we visit the cyber world.

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3 thoughts on “Cloud Computing Qualities”

  1. great article!! I actually wrote about cloud computing as well. I think that moving into the Cloud is as important as moving towards the Internet was in 2000. I think it will be a huge thing in coming decade.

  2. liked your beginning. It’s catchy. Explained it very precisely in simple language. Easy to understand.
    And yes, one of the biggest advantage of cloud computing is to not to worry about storage space. I wouldn’t be surprised if more and more businesses and individuals adopt to this concept.

  3. I’ve heard that there is a huge risk of using cloud storage; since the data is stored over the internet, it is risky to store important information in the cloud storage.

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