CSS 2.1 on finally going to be finalized?{2}

by Abraham L

With the internet becoming more sophisticated as ever, web development technologies have to push the quota. W3C has been working hard nearly putting more than 10 years in the development of CSS 2.1’s official specifications. There are many advantages to using CSS as a part of developing a website. First off, CSS already makes management of website pages easier. Another pro to CSS is it’s powerful ability in layout and design options. W3C wants to ensure that CSS 2.1 is a stable platform and has released a CSS test suite which has more than 9,000 tests so developers can ensure their product compatibility. W3C has published also the CSS Color Module Level 3 which aids developers in specifying colors and transparency of texts, backgrounds, and borders in their products.


I think CSS is a critical part of class. Its good to see that with every upgrade, W3C’s developers are increasing CSS’s stability and compatibility as a platform. With an increase in such things, CSS 2.1 eventually (if not to this present day) become a standard in web development – as in there will not be a website that is done professionally that will not have any CSS. As W3C continues to make CSS a standard, I think that it is only professional for developers W3C to release support products such as the CSS test suite to ensure their product’s compatibility with future web browsers.

CSS 2.1 Selectors

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Obviously CSS 2.1 and versions that follow after are going to be relevant to what we are going to learn in class as we are already using CSS in our assignments. I’m starting to get the idea that CSS is a necessary staple to developing interactive websites as HTML by itself can only do so much. To become successful the web designing field developers need a powerful tool like CSS that gives the ability for them to express ideas fully. To endorse CSS into a standard with support products that browser developers can use to ensure their compatibility with CSS 2.1 tells me that W3C doing what is correct to achieve having their product become a standard.


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