CSS 2.1{Comments Off on CSS 2.1}

by Chris S
The W3C (World Wide Consortium), almost a decade after CSS 2.0, has finally released CSS 2.1. Now they are working on CSS 3.0, which will be released as modules to 2.1 rather than a full release. Their claim as to why this edition took so long to publish is that the latest work has been certifying it’s stability. Their new test suite runs over 9000 tests.
Although there was little information in this article I felt it was very important information. CSS, which we learned about this week, apparently updates very slowly, and takes years to update. This article does peak my interest about what there is to improve on in CSS, as it is so reliant on HTML to run. I also wonder about what updates in CSS I could use to make my websites look more professional, and functional.

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