Database Security in McAfee{3}

by Rizwan A
Majority of the people use McAfee and its security solutions for their personal computers. With the recent announcement of the database security solution that would protect their databases with no loss in performance.  According to the article, McAfee’s database solution will be based on their Security Connected Initiative which means that data will be protected in all states and all centrally managed. A recent market outlook survey by Evaluserve, databases were the most difficult part of IT to protect. This can be seen from the recent outbreaks in data breaches. The article also states that a large amount of data breaches involved a database and the major part of those breaches require technical skills to execute. McAfee’s approach to database security includes, automated discovery and assessment, protection, and manages and monitor.

Automated discovery and assessment uses McAfee Vulnerability Manager to scan the network for databases and also checks if they are up to date and whether they have any vulnerability.  Their protection involves three layers of protection which includes a network firewall at first, application whitelisting and host intrusion prevention at second, and protection of the data at third. In manage and monitor customer’s use McAfee’s Database Activity Monitoring software so they can monitor their databases and be alerted of real-time data breaches and session termination.


In general I am not a fan of McAfee software, so I can’t vouch for their reliability. But to think of it, it is great that more and more companies are releasing database security solutions. The software which is released for business users friendly is a different story. Most of the database solutions that have been released seem to be targeted toward business users, focusing on ease of maintenance and use. It will be nice if the software developers are able to offer the business users the full security solution that a technical user would typically use instead of the ones with less capability. In my opinion it’s a good sign that more security solutions are being developed. Hopefully with this businesses will start actively protecting themselves from data breaches.


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