DBA’s move to Cloud{5}

My final blog is called “Database Administrators prepare to move to the Cloud,” it was written by Maxwell Cooter from techworld.com and was written about a year ago. The article starts of stating how cloud computing is supposed to transform the use of databases within enterprises. According to a survey on Database trends more than a third of the database professionals think that cloud computing is to have the biggest transformational effect on database technology.   Seventy three percent of the individuals that took the Survey voted up for cloud, meaning they believe that moving to cloud would have the most effect on their lives. The results of the survey also stated that production database performance was nominated as the biggest factor that kept staff awake at night with 43 percent placing that as the top of their list.

Scott Walz who is the Senior Director of product management for Embarcadero Stated “One goal is to move some of the tasks that the DBA is normally responsible for (patch management, storage optimization, etc) to the cloud and, by default, to the cloud vendor.” He believes that it’s a DBA’s goal to have fewer database related issues and emergencies, with the cloud some of these can be easier managed and or removed as a whole.  Furthermore 43% of professionals complained about not having enough time to accomplish their tasks while another 40% stated that poor planning was the challenge they faced. Walz also stated that the move to cloud may seem attractive to DBA’s but there are also some problems with it like for example customers will have to give up control of their own databases which some may not want to do and since it will be on the cloud the moment they can’t connect to the database they will instantly call their DBA. In conclusion the article states that cloud databases will change the way companies develop their tools, by which he means if for example a company moved their database to the cloud, it would be very important to them to have a tool that would seamlessly connect both to the local instance of the database and the cloud instance.

I chose to do my blog on this article this week because it talked about database administration as well as the cloud, But most importantly it relates something we talked about in the book to what is going on today in the database technology field, I figured this would be a helpful article to any student that is thinking about becoming a database administrator.

Cooter, Maxwell. (Dec 14, 2010) Database Administrators prepare to move to the cloud.

Retrieved from: http://www.pcworld.com/article/213654/database_administrators_prepare_to_move_to_the_cloud.html