Developers Horrified by the Thought of Developing For Windows 8{1}

by Abraham L

When Microsoft first publicly demonstrated their new version of Windows (Windows 8,) there were generally positive reactions. The new operating system is attractive, clean, thoughtful, and finger-friendly. It wasn’t until when Microsoft’s announcement of having Java and HTML5 as the primary develop environments that worried developers as they have invested a large amount of time and effort into APIs like COM, MFC, ATL, Visual Basic 6, etc. With the exception of Visual Basic 6, this means the previous programming knowledge for Windows developers practically rendered useless and discarding along with it rich, capable frameworks along with it.

Microsoft’s possible decision for the switch is possibly to target people on any platform but compared to other API’s used to develop previous versions of Windows, HTML5 is rather a primitive tool for developers to use. HTML5 has boxes of text with no higher-level concepts to work with. Using Java Script libraries would be the ideal solution but even Java would lack the capabilities and controls to accomplish this task fully. With this complication developers are forced to code their programs purely in HTML5 and JavaScript making developing for Window’s new OS even more difficult.


For Microsoft to suddenly switch from one kind of API to another sounds wrong. This makes me believe that Microsoft is just trying to go with current trends. Microsoft jumping on the HTML5 bandwagon as business proficient as it seems, will eventually turn on them. Microsoft is known for its developers as Mac doesn’t really have many outside developers that develop for them. I’m guessing now, Microsoft is going to be focusing more on applications that are developed from within the company rather outside developer support – at least that’s what I’m thinking for the development of the more intricate programs. This is important to our class because we are learning about HTML5 and Javascript. This just shows that students have to be ready for any changes like so that are brought upon the business world.


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