by Kaushal S
This article talks about the important role ERP plays in every organization. In this article the author Ashwin Raj talks about how ERP software can bring in all the operation processes and builds into one system with the help of one key element; the database. It covers every aspect of the business process and creates modules for separate departments such as manufacturing, SC., Finance, CRM, HR, etc. to work together as one system. It also talks about the different benefits that organizations can ripe from ERP in order to become more self-sufficient and successful. ERP works better for the organizations that serve different fields. ERP offers many tools for an organization but the most important are the financial, manufacturing, and last but not the least human resources. He also goes on through the article talking about how financial tool helps manage finances, manage staffing in the business and as well as maintaining material in stock and when it should be replenished.
I agree with the author on how important it is for businesses to have a proper structure, Just like a body requires a proper structure, ERP has become the backbone of every successful organization in today’s world. Throughout times we have seen companies diminish against its competition by not having a proper ERP systems integrated into the system in order for it to stand on its own and survive in this fast changing world of business.

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