Facebook to go public, finally.{Comments Off on Facebook to go public, finally.}

by Chris S
Facebook is easily the biggest social networking site on the internet. Billions of users log in everyday to stay “connected” with each other. Users from across the country can keep in contact and up to date with each other view their facebook profiles. Since the introduction of web 2.0, the internet has seen a massive increase in user generated content websites such as twitter, facebook, and tumblr. Since its release, facebook has never opened its door to the public to allow the purchase of stock in the company until now. This will cause a increase in user data mining, meaning facebook is going to come up with new ways to collect data on its users to sell to advertisers and to even share with the government. On the other end, Google announced that it will be rolling up 60 of its privacy policies into one, thus forcing facebook to bump its its competition with the search engine giant. Either way, it looks like both facebook and Google will be snooping around user web searches for the next few years to come.

Its hard to really have any type of opinion on such a topic since its facebook main business model to gather user data. It was only a matter of time before facebook had to go public as with any company that experiences the success facebook has. As for the individual browsing the internet, its up to user responsibility in my opinion to clean up your internet browsing tracks. Any person that purchases products online already sees an effect of that in their advertisement banners when visiting certain websites. Everything we do on the internet is pretty much recorded somewhere. We might as well get used to it or just boycott the internet.