Future of Wireless{2}

by Kaushal S
The article that I picked is about advancement in LTE technology. LTE which is something already incredibly fast in speed compare to other networks. The author, talks about how LTE technology has made advancement from its previous releases 8 and 9 into its recent release 10 in near future. He also tells us that release 10 will heighten and top previous releases with much higher rates in coverage. It will provide better user experience with the instrument and application such as GPS and will include bandwidth extension up to 100MHz. it will also allow user to have multiple inputs and outputs transmission without slowing down the process.
I think that as world is changing we prefer that our technology changes as well but so far technology has been a step ahead of its users and provided numerous benefits to the world. As a current customer of AT&T, I am not a great fan of their current 3G service. It is a very slow but better than before but still some times ridiculously runs slow, freezes, and last but not least drop calls. I would greatly appreciate something like this LTE technology if I get to use it because it offers better experience and it is fast.

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