Google Privacy Issues{3}

by Nelson T
Google has been hit with criticism for having different privacy policies for their web services for consumers. They now have a unified privacy policy but they have done much to change it ways on data collection. Everything a user types into google search or other services are collected and store on googles server database. Alma Whitten, director of privacy, policy and engineering states in her blog that google can do better at collecting data so that when a user types in a word for example, Apple, it will return related data about apple and relevant ads to the user. Representatives Ed Markey and Richard Blumenthal from congress have responded to her blog by saying that they question how allows its users to control their sharing of information and allow users full control of their data. Not only is google collection data for their databases but also other services like Facebook. They provide their services for free but with a catch. The catch being that you provide them your information used for advertising which makes companies money. Personal information stored on Google’s servers are transferred over to their other services. The only way to stop is to, of course Log off the computer. A downside of this is Google’s Android mobile platform that constantly uses google services and is always connected. Privacy I believe will be an ongoing issue in this day and age and in the future because people are becoming more connected to the internet and doing social media. I believe it is best for users to keep very personal data to themselves and not expose it over the internet. Even if it is deleted, it isn’t in reality so its best to restrain from uploading or posting data.



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