Google will soon see a search engine competitor{Comments Off on Google will soon see a search engine competitor}

by Penny C
I read on that the Italian mathematician whose work is the foundation of Google’s algorithm will soon launch a search engine that will give different perspective of search engine.  According  the article “it’s a new radical view of what a search engine of the future could be.”  The mathematician’s name is Massimo Marchiori and he is also a board member of W3C.   The article said Google’s co-founder Larry Page, at age 23, attended his presentation on Hyper Search algorithm in a conference in 1996 and that algorithm is the basis of Google’s Page Rank system.    Mr. Marchiori cannot share details of his new search engine because he said Google is capable of putting 100+ engineers on lockdown, have them work day and night on the features and release the new search engine before Mr. Marchiori’s search engine launches. The search engine will launch in 12 different languages and according the creator, the content includes everything in the world.

I am excited about the possibility of this new search engine.  I want to see what is different and how this new engine would enhance by experience.  I signed up at for a chance to be one of the first to test out the search engine.  If you guys go to, there is a promotional youtube video and you can also sign up for a chance to be ‘power user’.

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