Growing Of Data{4}

by Rizwan A
With the advanced technology the amount of data created in the world is growing at a very high increasing rate every day. Statistics shows that in the year 2010, the amount of data information in the world has grown over close to one trillion gigabytes of information. There is millions of data information which is retrieved and inputted into the server systems every day. Social network websites such as Facebook has over 700 million active users on its network. Each month on average the community of users creates 30 billion pieces of content over the web, ranging from posts and messages to photo and video content. Another social network website such as Twitter also serves more than 200 million users. Statistics shows that Twitter creates over 12 gigabytes of data through its system. Jet engines like Boeing can create 10 terabytes of data every 30 minutes. With so much data creating every day, there will be a need of a further advancement in data integration and database systems.

This article was very interesting to me as it relates to our class topic, data. I never occurred to me to look into how much data the world is creating until after reading this article. There will be certainly new challenges towards the data systems. Currently there are already many data sets that are difficult to manage or analyze due to the size of it. With the wide variety of data’s producing sources in our society and also with new technologies emerging, there is a need to innovate the current data integration systems
Due to the need of innovation of the current system, I think there will be a large amount of job openings for analytics and business intelligence. Also, data will become more manageable by producing a new framework and with that high volumes of data can be accessed and stored more efficiently which will thus lower computing workloads.

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