How to teach Databases to Students using Amazon as an Example

by Tomas R
The conference paper i read, entitled “Enhancing Students learning in Database Courses With Large Data Sets” is about different approaches to teaching how to use and read a database. The conference article uses as an example on how to manage a database, because has the largest database ever created. The article then goes on to talk about how to teach conceptual and logical database modeling, as well as logical and physical database design. The article talks about how Amazon retrieves and stores customer data, customer reviews, product data, and other information, and why they are successful at it. It shows how Amazon and similar E-Commerce sites work in storing peoples data. The article then explains how using’s database model can be used to teach students how to use a database.

This article relates to our class because we have been discussing database design and construction. The article focuses on how a large database operates, which is something that may be important in our future if we are going to work in the MIS field of buisness.

I felt that this article was important because it explained how a database is used, and gave great examples on how practical its purpose is. A database is very important to an E-commerce site especially, because it allows customers and sellers to know what items are, where they are coming from, if they are reviewed positively, and a whole host of information about a product. Without a database, the website would be jumbled and most likely unsuccessful. It goes to show how important a database is.


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