Importance of Data Modeling{5}

by Rizwan A
In this Article the author Robin Schumacher talks about the important of Data Modeling in the design phase of Database. The author mentions how the big projects take years to complete because in the overall system development, effectiveness and seriousness of Data modeling and design are not present. Hence, database designers should focus on data modeling as the first step instead of physical design.
Author also recommends that if data modeling step is properly worked than the implementation of the physical design will be a lot easier. Also, in the future a good Data modeling will help on the maintenance as well. The author concludes it by mentioning various data modeling tools to help in data modeling such as a design tool and MySQL Workbench.
This article relates to our course topic of Modeling Data in the Organization. I agree with the author on the importance of Data modeling because Data modeling is the connection between the business and database. This means that data modeling is considered very highly in the database system. In our course we talked about the E-R model for our Data modeling which is considered as the mainstream approach for conceptual Data modeling.


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